About Chico Writers' Mastermind Group

Chico Writers' Mastermind Group offers bi-weekly meetings of entrepreneurs, including writers and authors, who are working with their passion. We help each other achieve goals by meeting and keeping each other on the top of our respective projects and sharing ideas, educating each other, and helping to make each other aware of tools, methods, techniques, and technologies.

NOTE:   This website is under construction. Soon our members will be able to have their books and profiles viewable here, as the examples in the right side bar and below-bottom show.

The Chico Writers' Mastermind Group meets twice a month, usually every two weeks, on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday, for about one hour (or longer) "during lunch", and usually starting between 1:00 and 1:30 pm, as location availability allows. The meetings last at least one hour, and often go over for those who can and want to stay longer, if the venue is available.
NOTE that we are trying out evening meetings, which look like they will be the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. (see venue info above) We are seeing how this goes, and hopefully people who cannot make the daytime meetings can make the evening meetings.

We welcome writers, authors, poets, artists, publishers, designers, playwrights, screenwriters, and creatives of all types. Works can be fiction of any genre, nonfiction, poetry, children's books, screenplays / scripts, plays, or others across the spectrum. Share your work, published or in-progress, ask for feedback, share information about all aspects of book publishing, and related subject areas, and generally interact with like-minded people in a friendly and supportive environment.